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SteelCrystal Resin

Professional Crystal-clear document presentation

Unibind SteelCrystal covers are the right solution if you want to create crystal-clear and durable presentation material. With our Resin SteelBinding machines, such as the XU series, you can bind loose sheets in just seconds.
Dark Blue Navy

Dark Navy Blue






Features and Benefits:

  • Cover with a front and back in transparent finish
  • The steel spine guarantees a solid, durable binding
  • The U-channel ensures that every binding is protected on three sides
  • Edit your documents quickly and easily
  • Customize the impression you make on customers and prospects with a beautiful presentation
  • Professional presentation directly reflects the quality of the products and services you provide


  • annual reports
  • reports
  • school applications
  • handbooks
  • company presentations
  • offers
  • your application:
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